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Fotoula is our youngest horse, a mare of 5 years old. Her owner wanted to sell her for her meat because she was aggressive.
How else could she do though, since she has been taken away from her mother at the age of 4 months old in order to go live at a garage, in a limited space, having for company only a rottweiler and a sheep.
Unfortunately, as Fotoula hadn’t a horse as a role model to teach her how to behave like a horse, she copied the dog’s behavior. She is extremely friendly, she is used to follow us everywhere and she is very protective with the 2 donkeys of ours, but some times she bites.
She is upsetting the herd with her scherzos. Naughty and restless, she is claiming for her space with nerve.

H Φωτούλα σπεύδει να βοηθήσει την Τσιπίτα

Όπως και τα υπόλοιπα άλογα και η Φωτούλα λατρεύει να τρέχει ελεύθερη

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