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Second in command


Elpida is the female leader of the herd, on the side of Seamoon. She was born in 2007. It’s impossible to ride her as she is quite wild. However, she is extremely intelligent and cooperative in ground exercises. She gives her legs with ease, letting us to take care of her. Together with Philipos, they are the first to knock up some cheat / monkeyshine, thinking of ways to escape and the only one eating with the two males, Seamoon and Philippos.
Elpida in 2017 had an accident which forced us to have her limited and taking care of her wound daily as it was constantly opening. The way she cooperated with us and allowed us to take care of her was not just touching, it was a life lesson. How a horse trust their life, their future to people.
Her anatomy and her beauty areunique. We are proud of Elpida. She may not have what we say “noble origins”, but even people with experience in horses as well as horse race lovers, remain speechless with her beauty and body shape. Something that is seen, not only when she is running, but when she also just stays motionless. From the tail to the head, she is a beauty.

Η Ελπίδα που και που μιλάει στον ύπνο της…

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