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The Leader


A funny fact is that everybody has the idea that Rancheros means “the ranch of eros”.

The truth is that this is the name of our favorite horse. The one who was lost in such an unfair way, without veterinary help, just before the horses were removed from their inappropriate owner.
Strong, huge, competitive as he was, Rancheros was a horse who, although you could assume that he was doing whatever he wanted, he was always there for the rest of the horses-their leader.
Majestic and wonderful, he fell in love with the… shortest horse, Tsipita. They looked really funny. The giant and the tiny. A weird couple who was doing everything together. And at nights they were escaping the ranch to go for a walk, who knows where…

They were always coming back though. You see, Rancheros had errands.
This is how leaders are. They put their pack on top of everything.
You will forever be the One, the First…

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