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The Guardians

Our Doggies

Even though the horses are impressive and beautiful, Rancheros would be empty without its doggies. All of them are ex-strays who found shelter at the beautiful ranch and they give light in our lives.

Simba is a natural leader of the pack and the personal bodyguard of Nancy. Nothing and no one can pass, without his permission. Lieutenant at his side is Brouk, a mixed Griffon.

Billie Jean and Dennis are always friendly, full of sauciness, they know that their beauty is enough to make them the more popular.

Taylor, unbowed, always understands when we are about to tie her so she disappears but on the other hand she is a loyal companion of the horses without bothering them.
Her best friend Throubi is giving the sweetest kisses.

Vangelis is always sniffing something. Hunting dog who was found in horrible condition suffering by Leishmania, he fought to join the pack as is fought to survive. Now he is enjoying sofas in Pagrati.

Cookie is also an abandoned, abused hunting dog. No matter how much we caress her, they will never be enough.

Dida, the calm strength (silent power?) of the farm, old enough to enjoy the respect of all the members of the pack which results to have the right to eat from all the plates!

In a different space from Rancheros there are Argos, Kira and Bo. A unique gang that we daily take care of.

Last addition is Mini Cooper. In a convenient size, we found her suffering as well from Leishmania. After weeks of treatment, she became healthy again. Very fast she entered the pack and she is always surprising us with her I.Q level!

In the gang there are also 3 cats. Tasia, the leader, unbowed who in reality only wants to climb trees. Lino came at the ranch at the age of 4 months, the dogs were very hostile towards him but he didn’t care, he ignored them and now he is Taylor’s best friend. Mary is complaining for everything, mostly for hugs.

If you wish to adopt a dog or a cat, please do not hesitate to contact us (+306976687977) as there are unfortunately always new strays appearing. If, however, you are not wishing to do that, please have always in mind: Don’t shop, Adopt!

Denis leads Simba

Vaggelis swims for the first time and goes crazy

Argos is an excellent swimmer

Billie Jean takes care of Tasia

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