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Very beautiful and working hard, patient with humans and a diva when being among other horses, Nefeli has only one flow: She always wants to eat.
As a result, she put on some weight over the last year and now she is on a strict diet.
Her best friend is Kassandra and their story is amazing: Nefeli had a problem on one of her legs, over a period of some time. So, during their free time by the sea, someone had to keep Nefeli in order not to let her run. Kassandra, even if she was free, she was sitting by the side of her friend although all the other horses were chasing each other.
Nefeli has her way with the other horses. She doesn’t get into troubles, she keeps a silver balance in between the gangs. For example, she didn’t have any aggressive mood towards new members like Photoyla or Artemis. She gave them time and space as she did for herself. She approached them slowly, but with generosity. However, the bond that she has with Kassandra cannot break.
Nefeli is wise by nature, patient when working and she is not taking pleasure by transient relationships. That is why she is always rejecting Philippos and his flippancy.
When It comes to her communication with humans, each time we want to take the horses out for a walk to the beach, we put and lead drop to Nefeli and we start the walk, being sure that the rest of the horses will follow her and that she will cooperate with us even though she is the only one tied up whereas her friends are free. Until the moment we arrive at the beach where no one ever can keep her from running…

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