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The leader of the herd


In Palestine, Syria and the Sahara Desert they call “Seamoon” the strong wind which carries grain of sand. In Rancheros Seamoon is the name of our leader. He is so stormy and fast. To be a leader of a herd is a serious job. The leader decides what herbs the herd will eat and when they will move. Seamoon doesn’t have to do all this but he will definitely eat first and it’s him who will bring the calm or the mess to the team.
When little Philippos grew up, he went against his leader. Seamoon, unusual for a horse, stepped back. You see, Philippos is the child of Seamoon’s great love, Sia, who died when Philippos was only 5 months old. From that day, Seamoon took Philippos under his protection and he became the father and the mother that Philippos was deprived of. When the teenage revolution of Philippos ended –his castration helped-, the order came back to the herd.
Seamoon has lost his right eye under unknown circumstances but this has not decreased his abilities at all.

Seamoon flirting… no success

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