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Enjoy beautiful trails and horseback riding by the sea.

Choose from relaxing walk only rides, walk & trot rides, and exhilarating advanced level walk, trot, & canter rides. Each ride is approximately 45 minutes.

For your safety, each trail ride is accompanied by several experienced wranglers.

Age: 2+
Duration: 45’
Body Weight: Up to 85 kilos.

Useful information

At Agia Anna beach, there are 3 mini markets operating daily from 9 am to 2 pm and from 5.30 to 9.30 pm.
There is no ATM neither at the beach nor at the village of Agia Anna. The closest ATM is in Mantoudi (15k distance)
A Gas Station and 2 pharmacies are at the village of Agia Anna, not at the beach. The distance from the beach to the village is about 10 mins by car.
Finally, at Agia Anna beach there is a great brewery, Vynilio, where you can enjoy some rock music. They often organize DJ nights and live music concerts.

The route

In Chalkida follow the signs “North Evia”. 5km after, pass by N.Artaki and go towards Psachna. After 5km you arrive at a traffic light where you should take the left side towards St.John’s the Russian’s monastery. You then enter the area called Castella and you arrive at one more traffic light after which you keep going straight following again the sign “L.Edipsou-St.John’s the Russian”. You then drive over a mountain called “Aghios” for about 30km before passing by the village of Prokopi where you should follow the sign “Mantoudi, L. Edipsou”.
8 km later you go left at Mantoudi where a gas station is on your right (do not enter Mantoudi village instead) following a sign “Limni-Edipsos-Istiea”. In about 6km later you will see the junction which takes you to Limni if you go left, but you keep driving straight and in about 12,5km you will turn right where the sign “Towards Agia Anna beach” is (be careful because the sign is small). After 4 km you arrive at the beach of Aghia Anna, known also as Agali beach where you turn on your right at the road before the last one, a drive of 3km more will take you to Rancheros sanctuary which is right after the famous camping Agia Anna club.
From Chalkida you should estimate a travel time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes for a 70 km distance.

Contact Person: Deppie Kourelou: +306976687977, dkourellou@gmail.com